Can you use a coworking space as an event space?

March 25, 2024

You must have heard about the use of coworking spaces as event spaces. The best thing is that we have proved it by hosting some great events at our Kadbi Chowk, Nagpur center. We started Daftar Space to create a vibrant environment to spark the game of experimentation, innovation, and creativity in Nagpur City.

The Idea of “Open Space” 

We wanted to create a platform that is open to all kinds of possible experiments, innovations, and creativity. In the beginning days of launching the first center, we did some experiments on-brand colors, shapes, paint, lights, doors, coffee tastes, and our new refreshing drink. We were almost done with our setups at our center at Kadbi Chowk, Nagpur.

We wanted to get started with the marketing strategies. When you want to build a brand by targeting the local audience then you must work online and on-ground. When you want to build a stronger community of real people, then you need to make them leave their comfort zone and give them a call to action to come to your place.

Our vision with our Daftar Space – An Ideal coworking space in Nagpur is to build a stronger community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists. We were creating the target list and plans.

We wanted to get started with things. So, first, we created an idea of “Open Space – A space to open up!”

Open Space is nothing but an open mic event to say in simple language. As we told you we believe in creativity. What is creativity? Creativity is collecting the dots and connecting the dots. We used our creativity at “Open Space”. Open Space was not like other open mic events. We played the same game but in a creative way.

At Open Space, we make our place comfortable for everybody who wants to start their creative journey. We worked on the pain points of beginner artists by studying our journey in the artistic world. All open mic events had big funds, shiny places, big stages, and a large audience. We wanted to start Open Space with whatever we had. We had a small hall and a small team to do courage without any experience in hosting events.

We planned and created a creative theme for Open Space that will become its identity. We arranged mattresses for sitting arrangements so everybody felt comfy, we had a small stage using a table we had, we bought a light that creates a moon on the wall, and we made arrangements for food so that the event could be unforgettable. Our first event was houseful and we started getting good feedback from people around the city. Open Space has become an excellent medium to connect with artists around us. Not just artists, but even people wanted to join as an audience.

This is how we set our examples by starting “Open Space” at our Kadbi Chowk, Nagpur center. You can also set your example by hosting your events at Daftar Space – An ideal coworking space in Nagpur City.

Create your own success stories at our coworking space, where possibilities for hosting impactful events are limitless. From workshops to networking meetups, our space is equipped to cater to various event requirements.

Stop overthinking and start working.

Call us today to host your events and grow limitless.

Written by Pawan Barapatre

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