3 Lessons That Will Teach You More About Entrepreneurship Than a $300K Business Degree

3 lessons that will teach you more about entrepreneurship than a $300k business degree:

November 7, 2023

Most people don’t want to start their entrepreneurial journey because they think it requires an MBA or advanced business degree. But it’s not true. You don’t need a degree to become an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is the journey towards financial freedom. You just need a problem-solving idea, creativity, and curiosity. If you think you’re curious then here are 3 valuable lessons for you that will teach you more about entrepreneurship than a $100k business degree.

Start now, overthink tomorrow:

Everything begins with thinking. Whatever humans have created on this planet is first created in the mind.
But, Thinking is the 1% of reality. It’s like a spark of the fire. Spark is necessary. But, you need more chemicals and
Efforts to create fire from that spark. That’s why I said start now. You need to start doing it by thinking about it. Thinking is also part of the action. No execution without ideation. No Ideation without execution. Most gurus say thinking is the problem. But it’s not the truth. Thinking is not the problem, overthinking is. If I tell you the pure truth, overthinking is not the problem, wrong thinking is. If you keep thinking, you’ll keep losing your time. You need to start taking action towards it. What If I had kept thinking on writing about this article instead of writing it on my laptop? I started writing about this that’s why I’ve been able to change your life with such valuable lessons.

Embrace the mistakes and move on faster:

I had plans to do an MBA after my graduation in engineering. I submitted the form for its entrance exam. I received my I-card online. I went for the exam using the cab. After reaching the center I realized I had committed a stupid mistake. I forgot to read the instructions on the ID card. Due to this, I forgot to carry my Aadhar card with me. Without Aadhar Card they were not allowing me for the exam.

So, Instead of killing too much time, I started looking for an Auto rickshaw. I had some money in my pocket. I looked for the way home. Instead of overthinking, I went into sleeping mode. I realized I’d made the stupidest mistake. But, the best thing I felt I should stop thinking about it. We all make mistakes in life. But, winners know the hack and how to move on faster.

Master the art of networking:

Seneca said that Sometimes even living is an act of courage. This may appear simple but it resonates with heavy human experience. Life is not going to be straight. You have to face many unknown challenges. To deal with these unknown challenges, you need to master the art of networking. If you have the right mentors who can guide you when you’re in the dark, you’ll find the light. If you have the right friends who can support you when you’re in need, you’ll find the right path. If you have the right people who need your product, you’ll build your business for sure. If you’re connected with the right talented and honest individuals, you’ll be able to build a strong team.

I became what I am because of my networking skills. After 12th I wanted to go for engineering and I had no medium of transportation, Some people helped me to get into a good college where I required no Bus fees.

When I had a dream to publish my first poetry book, I started finding the right mentors who could guide me. I started unstoppable googling and searching on social media. However, I got to know about a famous author from my city Dr. Nikhil Chandwani who has helped many aspiring writers to publish their books. I tried to reach him with all my energy and effort But I failed. So, I approached the deputy mayor of Nagpur Municipal Corporation Mr. Deepraj Pardikar at that time with a request to help me to reach Dr. Nikhil Chandwani.

Mr. Deepraj Pardikar helped me to reach Dr. Nikhil Chandwani. Then I started writing my first debut poetry book under his guidance. My debut poetry book became the key to unlocking many doors. Wherever I used to go, the tag author used to help me to create an impact.

Due to my book, I started connecting with the right people on social media. In 2021, I I started working with Shahana and Khusbu at Zesh Agency. Just after a few months, I started working with Mr. Sushil Rajput – The man who taught me the game of personal branding and business storytelling. He is the person who introduced me to the coaching industry. Because of him, I got a chance to work on many valuable projects like Tajurba – India’s leading Business Networking Group as well as with people like Mr. Suresh Mansharamani. Because of LinkedIn, I met Dr. Amol Mourya who is India’s leading real estate coach and I started working with him on a historical book “Real Estate Game Changers”. I had an idea to build a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artists in my city. I started Daftar Space by collaborating with the right people. I could make it happen only because of my networking skills.

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Written by Pawan Barapatre

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