To thrive in business, make every team members’ mental health a top priority.

March 1, 2024

Mental health is the emotional state of a person. Mental health is how a person feels, thinks, and behaves. Mental health can be understood as a person’s current mood, perspective, and attitude at a specific moment. Mental health itself is a broader concept that can be considered as one’s state of mind.

From home to the workplace, mental health impacts every aspect of our lives. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the workplace like productivity, quality of work, creativity, happiness, etc can have a big impact on your business if an employee’s mental health is suffering.

As a big rock blocking the road, poor mental health stops employees from getting work done.

As a leaky roof causes damage, poor mental health causes damage to employees’ performance.

As a wrong map confuses directions,  poor mental health leads employees away from their goals.

As resistance is the barrier to the flow of current, Poor mental health is the barrier to the flow of work.

As a dam blocks the flow of a river, poor mental health blocks the flow of productivity in the workplace.

Prioritizing mental health in the workplace can help your team members work to their full potential, which is what businesses need to thrive and grow.

A bad work environment can harm mental health. What are the main reasons for a bad work environment? Too much frustration and stress because of wrong leadership philosophy and practice, Unclear communication, long or inflexible work schedules, life inside the cube only, no freedom to creativity and work,  unrealistic demands, lack of support to team members, no proper training and education, etc. This results in burnout, dissatisfaction, and depression.

This problem can be solved only when leaders in your business start to make a habit of addressing the importance of mental health in the workplace. That’s how everyone benefits and everyone wins at business.

A healthy state of mind can translate to a healthy environment. A healthy environment can translate into higher levels of creativity, productivity, and a sense of happiness. You can increase productivity with healthier, happier team members and create a more vibrant, supportive workplace.

Written by Pawan Barapatre

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