12 powerful verbs to make your writing more impactful:

12 powerful verbs to make your writing more impactful:

November 12, 2023

Good writing uses strong verbs that make your writing interesting. These powerful verbs have the power to bring your writing to life and grab the reader’s attention. Today, we’ll explore 12 of these powerful words that can make your writing better and stay in the reader’s mind. It’s like taking a trip through these words, and discovering how they can make your writing exciting, inspiring, and memorable. Let’s get started!


1) Get : Get is the superhero in powerful verbs. Get is a 3 letter short and sweet word. Using the word get is good for getting to the point without too many extra words.

2) Win: When you read win in a story or ad, it’s like hearing good news. Win is a super fun word. It makes people feel excited and happy, like when your team wins a game.

3) Save: “Save” is often used in problem-solving contexts, indicating a solution that prevents loss or harm, making the writing practical and actionable.  Whether it’s saving time, money, or anything, the word “save” implies a positive impact, appealing to readers who seek beneficial outcomes.

4) Ignite: “Ignite” carries emotional weight, evoking strong feelings and capturing the reader’s attention.  “Ignite” naturally arouses curiosity, prompting readers to wonder what will happen next or what will be set in motion.

5) Create:  “Create” suggests the act of making something new, promoting innovation and originality in writing. The word inherently generates interest, prompting readers to anticipate what is being brought into existence.

6) Inspire: “Inspire” immediately sets a motivational tone, encouraging readers to feel uplifted and motivated by the content. It creates a connection between the writer and the reader, as the writer seeks to inspire and uplift the reader through their words.

7) Achieve: “Achieve” serves as a motivational trigger, inspiring readers to pursue their own goals and accomplishments. The act of achievement inspires confidence, both in the writer’s abilities to convey impactful content and in the reader’s potential to attain their own successes.

8) Succeed: “Succeed” inherently carries a positive connotation, immediately framing the content in a favorable light.  The term indicates progress and forward movement, emphasizing growth and development in the context of the narrative.

9) Conquer: “Conquer” is a memorable word that leaves a lasting impact on the reader, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the narrative or message. “Conquer” symbolizes overcoming challenges or obstacles, immediately framing the content with a sense of victory and triumph.

10) Discover: “Discover” implies the revelation of something new or unknown, immediately creating a sense of intrigue and curiosity in the reader. The word carries an inherent excitement, suggesting that what is being revealed is noteworthy, interesting, or even groundbreaking.

11) Innovate: “Innovate” places a strong emphasis on creativity, immediately signaling to the reader that the content involves new and inventive ideas. “Innovate” often carries a technological connotation, making it especially impactful in contexts related to advancements, inventions, and cutting-edge developments.

12) Resonate: “Resonate” implies a deep emotional connection between the content and the reader, suggesting that the message strikes a chord on a personal level.  The word encourages empathy, indicating that the content is relatable and speaks to the reader’s own experiences, feelings, or beliefs.

Now that you’ve unlocked the potential of these 12 powerful verbs, it’s time to infuse your writing with newfound energy and impact. Experiment with these words, let them dance across your sentences, and witness the transformation in your storytelling.


Written by Pawan Barapatre

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