Meri Diwali, Mehnat Wali: My 90 days startup challenge

90 days startup challenge

November 13, 2023

Major Announcement: Taking the Challenge

The challenge:
Scaling Daftar Space in 90 Days!

Challenge begins:
12 November – A day is done with building a 90-day plan and action steps.

Behind the scenes:
8 months of brainstorming, setup, collaborations, and projects. Today, Daftar Space is set to go after eight months of dedicated effort.

Reality Check:
Yet, the reality check hits hard – 0 sales.
Only continuous improvement & investment.

The why:
This isn’t just about numbers; it’s a commitment to growth, learning, and community building.

Anticipating the Future:
Beyond the zero sales, envisioning a transformed Daftar Space. The next 90 days promise growth, challenges, and triumphs. Setting up an inspiration for other entrepreneurs.

Your Role:
Your support, insights, and shared experiences will shape this challenge.

Take a challenge:
I want you to take a real challenge with public commitments and become an inspiration for others.

Start a project:
You need to prepare for something or You need something to prepare.

– Face fears
– Seek feedback
– Challenge yourself
– Try something New
– Learn something new

Here are the possible results:

– Be braver (courage)
– Improve skills (progress)
– Inspire others (leadership)
– Become wiser (knowledge)

Or maybe none of these things happen.

And you’re in the same boat as before…

But I’ve rarely seen someone work to get outside of their comfort zone and not reap some massive reward.

Every person you admire has felt stupid and silly trying new things.

Why not you?

If you’re ready for the change, take a challenge.

Written by Pawan Barapatre

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